CDOT Online Transportation Information System

This is the access point to information frequently used for transportation planning and project development. Information is provided on current and projected traffic volumes, state highway attributes, summary roadway statistics, demographics and geographic data.

Map View
View and query Colorado transportation data and related images and documents. Create customized maps.
Highway Data
View highway features, traffic data, photos and documents. Export reports and data.
Traffic Counts
Traffic Data Explorer displays traffic counts and statistics including AADT, Truck AADT and VMT.
Data Catalog
Search for spatial and tabular data, documents, metadata and glossary terms.
View and download statewide and regional maps. View, download and order the Official Colorado Travel Map.
Straight Line Diagram
SLD (Straight Line Diagram) application displays selected highway features along the road displayed as a straight line and map.
Videolog application that plays highway images as if viewed from the windshield of a vehicle.
View and download annual highway, county and city mileage, Truck statistics, Volume/Capacity and Demographic data.
Your CDOT Dollar tracks CDOT performance and transportation expenditures.