Transportation Planning Reports


The highway reports generated on the Roadway Reports tab are the official statistics published annually by the CDOT Division of Transportation Development (DTD). The reports are published on July 1st of each year and reflect changes reported by DTD through December 31st of the previous year. All Roadway Report tabs reflect data generated by DTD for state highways except for the 'City/County' tab; this information is calculated using data received annually from cities and counties for Highway User Tax Fund (HUTF) reporting purposes where mileage is reported for all city streets and county roads that are open, used, and maintained.

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The three tiers of Volume/Capacity Ratio Statistics are 70%, 85%, and 100% for Center-line Miles, Lane-miles, Personal Miles of Travel (PMT), Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel (AVMT) and Truck AVMT. These V/C ratios are based on a representative or design hourly volume for the year (i.e., the 30th highest hourly volume where permanent traffic counters are available).

Summaries are provided at four different geographical extents: County, CDOT Region, Transportation Planning Region (TPR), and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

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Volume/Capacity Ratio Stats
Projected Volume/Capacity Ratio Stats
Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) - State Demography Office
Data available includes:
  • Various State and County population reports (1985-2012)
  • Urban-Rural Population breakdown (2010)
  • Relationship/Household reports (2010)
  • Household projections (2010-2040)

US Census - American Fact Finder
Data available includes:
  • State and County population data (2000-2012)
  • Employment data
  • Housing data

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) – Census Transportation Planning Products
Data available includes:
  • Transportation Profiles (2005-2010)
  • Various Transportation-related Census reports (2000-2010)
  • Mode to Work (2000-2010)
  • Mean Travel Time to Work (2000-2010)

CDOT-specific Data
Population (and Pop. Change) by County (2000-2010) Excel html
Population (and Pop. Change) by MPO (2000-2010) Excel html
Population (and Pop. Change) by TPR (2000-2010) Excel html
Population (and Pop. Change) by Region (2000-2010) Excel html