Your CDOT Dollar tracks CDOT performance and transportation expenditures.

Project Spending

80.0 %
Budget Spent
100.0 %

Description of Measure

The bar chart (right) measures how much CDOT has spent so far this fiscal year on road construction and maintenance activities, compared to what has been budgeted for these activities.

The chart measures spending progress in two different ways: The top bar shows how much has been spent so far as a percent of what CDOT had budgeted at the beginning of the fiscal year in July. The bottom bar shows how much has been spent so far as a percent of the current fiscal year budget, which is continuously updated.

By the end of each fiscal year, CDOT strives to have spent 80 percent of what it had budgeted at the outset of that fiscal year.


A new CDOT initiative, the Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnerships (RAMP), will make the department’s process of funding multi-year projects more efficient. CDOT will begin funding such projects based on year of expenditure. This is a change from current practice, which requires that the total amount of a project’s cost be in place before any funds can be spent.
Project Spending