Reports Help

The Roadway Reports page provides statistical data on Colorado roadways by providing the user a way to generate reports for the desired Report Type, Year, Summarize By Extent and File Type.

To begin, a user can choose the desired Report Type from that dropdown menu. Once a Report Type has been selected, some information may appear in a blue box describing the details of the report type.

Additional parameters will also appear including Year and Summarize By Extent, which will allow the user to refine their report parameters by choosing from those dropdown menus.

Image of parameter selection on the reports screen

Once the Report Type, Year and Summarize By parameters have been selected, the user can choose a File Type from that dropdown menu. Excel and PDF are the standard options available for most report types.

Image showing the file type drop down

The user can then click the Download Report button to generate and download the report based on the selected parameters.

The user can refine the parameters if needed or click the Reset Form button to clear the form and start over.

Image showing Excel chosen in the file type dropdown

Note that the parameter dropdown menus only show currently available report options so if a desired option is not appearing, it most likely does not exist.

Once a report has been downloaded, a summary will appear in a green box below the Download button.

Image showing the download information box